Authentic Life

Branding and art direction for Søren Kierkegaard's lecture

Kierkegaard developed an account of human life based upon the Three Spheres of Existence:

the esthetic, the ethical, and the religious.


A series of 3 posters differentiates each concept while visually tying them together. By visually attaching each idea with organic shapes of tangible mediums: esthetic (paint), ethical (ink), and religious (water), Kierkegaard's vision can be communicated with a more relatable, modern solution.

Series Posters

3D Sculpture: Using Autodesk's Fusion 360, I reinterpreted the organic shapes to construct a 3D sign containing the title, colors, and information about this event. This sculpture consists of intersecting planes that rotate and pivot to provide a 360 degree view.      

Tote Bags/T-shirts: A series of three unique designs based on Kierkegaard's Three Spheres of Existence   will be available at the event for the attendees to choose from.

Name Badge: Each role at the event will be labeled with a different 

medium on their name badge for easier identification.

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