Criminal Immigrant

Infographic on relation between immigration and crime in the U.S. 

This infographic debunks the correlation between immigration and crime by educating the reality

of immigrants in the United States, specifically how they are not criminals and do not raise crime rate.

Since 1980, immigration in the U.S. has increased 118%, while violent crime has decreased 36%.

This reinforces there is no correlation between increasing immigration and increasing crime rates.  




Main Diagram: All 50 U.S. states make up the half circle to be able to compare how each state did individually. Starting from the center (0%), the diagram radiates outward as the percentage increases (max 780%). The teal spike represents immigration increase while the orange overlapping spike represent crime decrease. 

3D Paper Sculpture Sketches

3D Paper Sculpture: This 3D paper sculpture amplifies the opposite forces of the immigration increase and crime decreasing. (Exterior) The top half represents increase in immigration while the bottom represents decrease in crime. (Interior) The top half displays how each city in ranked from best to worse (teal–red), while the bottom half displays the percent different between immigration increase and crime increase. 


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