Exhibition showcasing projects and skills learned from BFA Graphic Design program

Perspective is a group exhibition curated to evoke curiosity about what the BFA Graphic Design program entails by displaying student work and learning outcomes one can discover through the program.  

Its purpose is to challenge the viewer's preconceived belief and discover a new understanding. The 

projects shown encourage the viewer to walk around and look from a new angle to discover new content.     

Team members: Kelvin Esparza, Marija Istocnika, Kala Lee, Marc Montenegro, Shirley Duong, Kukhyun Ryu, Christian Faria, Brittney Garcia,

Brand Exploration

Exhibition Drawings

Exhibition Model 1:24: The main idea behind Perspective is to create an exhibition where viewers are encouraged to view a project/problem from different angles, and by doing so they could experience new possibilities. 

Exhibition: From the first sight, the title is only partly visible as it wraps around the floor and walls changing its orientation. In order to completely read it, the viewer must walk around to look at it from a different angle.    

Lenticular Installation: This lenticular installation has different art work depending on which side it's seen from. From the left, it displays a typographical wall installation with encouraging words. From the right, it displays four student posters that are visible from the right point of view.


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