Feeling Color Around Me

Senior thesis project on visualizing color preference

My senior thesis project is to find out how people think of color to reveal who they are. Color preference reveals about people's characteristics and self-image enough to formulate an image of their personality. 


I interviewed participants about the colors they like and dislike to construct a 12 color palette. Then I used those colors and my own knowledge of our interactions to develop a 3D render visual interpretation.  

3 Step Process

Survey Questions: I interviewed 33 participants by asking them 12 questions about the colors they like and dislike. I was looking for keywords which I could visualize with each color. 6 questions were about colors liked, and the other 6 were about colors disliked. The color topics ranged from overall preference, clothes, car, room, accessories, and footwear. These topics were chosen to explore how they are affected by color and how they want to present themselves to others through color.

Surveys Documentation: To get a precise color, I printed a color wheel which displays a wide range of tints and shades of each color. After participants answered a specific color, I asked further about the associations and moods they had towards the color. 

Visualization Sketches

Visualization Overview

Individual Visualizations 

Student, 25, Asian (Cambodian/Chinese)

Katherine Chen

Student, 25, Asian (Japanese/Caucasian)

Seth Zavagno

Student, 25, Hispanic (Mexican)

Robert Castellano

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