Trix Reconstruction

3 series posters and packaging design based reconstruction of Trix cereal

For this packaging design, the original Trix box design was deconstructed and reinterpreted. Hierarchy, 

asymmetry and alignment were essential visual elements used to create compositional spaces.  

Visual weights are transitioned with scale and alignment of space. Typography and imagery are linked to communicate verbal and visual information on several levels, from a glance to an in-depth examination.  

Cereal Packaging

Existing Elements (Phase 1): Using existing elements from the original Trix cereal box, I designed

a new composition that explored a new form and interaction without the element of color.   

Basic Shapes (Phase 2): By translating the existing visual information into basic

shapes, visual transition and alignment are used to active all the negative space.   

Imagery (Phase 3): With the knowledge from phase 1 and 2, the 3rd phase incorporated 

imagery as the main element to interact with typography and create compositional space.   

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