Visual Interpretations

For each participant's color palette, I used fusion 360 to visually interpret their personalities,

behaviors, and color preference. I constructed a design language where certain shapes have

the same meaning. The background color is the participants favorite color as it's the color

they feel the most comfortable with. Since I personally know all the participants, I interpreted 

their characteristics to how the shapes interact with each other. If a person is an outgoing

extrovert, their composition is closer in proximity for a more tight, complex feeling.  

These visualizations are the outcome

of understanding what associations and moods participants have for colors and my own perception of their behaviors and attitudes. 

Individual Visualizations 

Asian (Cambodian/Chinese)

Katherine Chen

Asian (Japanese), Caucasian

Seth Zavagno

Mexican (Hispanic)

Robert Castellano

Asian (Vietnamese)

Ngan Tran

Asian (Vietnamese)

Valerie Truong

Mexican (Hispanic)

Kelvin Esparza

African American

Elijah Allen

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